Warm floor - historical information
- Oct. 22,2018

When settling new, not yet known places our ancestors certainly faced with a number of problems that needed to be addressed. One of such problems was the comfortable heating of the home during the winter.

The first and most famous heating system is a fire, which was bred in the middle of the cave, its heat warmed the air, thereby creating a comfortable temperature.

Further, the heating systems were slightly "refined" and already represented special pits. From these holes through the pipes to the bedroom was heated air. This method warmed our ancestors long enough and very effectively in the conditions of a harsh winter. This is confirmed during excavations in the territory of Lapland. Near the town of Vuellerim there is a museum where tourists today can look at the oldest heating systems.

In the ancient settlement Arkaim, which is located in the Trans-Urals, archaeologists have found chimneys along the walls during the excavations. Chimneys were clay-covered grooves, covered with stones. They warmed the house during the cold season.

The chimney was used since ancient times and in the lower reaches of the Amur River.

On the island of Suchu our ancestors heated their house with the help of heat, which they diverted from the heat source. The pipes of the hearth were usually in the channels of clay polished poles and plaques. Such a system was very cumbersome and unsafe, it was easily ignited, because it was made of wood.

Water warm floor

Such a full-fledged heating system is an alternative to the classical radiator system. Modern designs of a water floor allow to use it in absolutely any buildings. Floor Heating Systems have found an active use in civil and industrial construction: houses, cottages, office and industrial buildings, etc. This system is universal and suitable for installation both in a new building and in an already constructed one, but one should remember about the inadmissibility of such an installation in an apartment, since special permits are required for this, which the relevant organizations do not issue because of a reduction in pressure in the pipes when installing them, which means that the neighbors will not "receive" heat in their pipes. The system can be poured into concrete or used lightweight structures. Under certain conditions, the water-heated floor can be installed with any floor covering.

Electric heated floor

By the nature of the structure, the floor can be:

1. cable,

2. film,

3. rod.

By the principle of heating, the electric warm floor is divided into:

1. convection,

2. infrared.

All kinds of such floor possess incomparable ecological advantages in comparison with radiator systems. In addition, they evenly distribute heat, and the principle of heat distribution is as follows: the main heat is concentrated at the level of the legs, at the head level the temperature is slightly lower, thus the human body is in the "optimal" state for it. The electromagnetic radiation of such a floor is much less than the permissible norm, therefore it does not produce any harmful effect.

The main difference between types of warm floor lies in the plane of their installation.

The film warm floor has versatility, it can be mounted on the floor, on the walls, on the ceilings. It can serve as the main source of heat, and an auxiliary heating system.

Floor Heating Cable is installed directly under the decorative cover, but when installing them, you need to take into account the location of bulky items - they should not work on the cable, so it does not go out of order.


The system of warm floor has been known since the times of our ancestors and is actively used today. This indicates its relevance and need for application. And if you consider the simplicity of their installation, as well as a low price for operation - for such heating the future.

More details about electric warm floor, please refer:

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